The Best Ways to Market Your Business Services Online

posted on 01 Nov 2013 04:49 by dashglue3

There are some people who really hate the idea of creating an online business that offers a service instead of a product. It might be because they are caught up in the notion that IM is about getting something for nothing. If you are set on finding a way to earn money online, though, starting a career as a service provider is a good way to do that. There are many benefits in addition to merely making money. One of the benefits is that you will get to meet people from every corner of the globe. You can build a really amazing network of business contacts, one with unlimited potential.

If you're honestly serious about building a business for yourself online but want to do something different, here are some things that you can try. For this idea, you can become a site usability expert, and you have to be willing to research, learn, and stay on top of things. Usability just means user friendly, and you know a site must be user friendly. So learn everything you can and build a site of your own (content sites work best). Build an email list for yourself and then reach out to both small and medium size businesses. One method that really works is to offer people a low cost product in the hopes of then being able to upsell your consulting services to other businesses.

One method of business promotion involves the making of videos. But you first have to find niches that are reasonably related or close to what you are doing. Once you have finished creating your videos, you'll want to tag them using the keywords from the other niches out there. Your video title will also borrow from that using the same reasoning. This is a good method for expanding your reach. If you can find videos with high views, then make your titles a little bit similar so you can benefit from the search volume at Youtube. Since all is closely related, you will not be doing anything that is devious or underhanded.

If you know videos and how to make really nice ones, the here is another service business you can explore. There is one thing about any website that can be quite helpful and useful and that is having expanded marketing. So with this idea, you will offer to make a companion site that is based on video rather than all text. Think about the sites you know whether they are very authoritative or small that are text based. They can have the site and have it belong to them but is mostly video with just a little bit of text. You can build this site in any fashion you want--get as creative as you want. Offer to do this for free for some people in exchange for testimonials. If you look closely it's easy to see that most Internet marketers do pretty much the same things as everyone else. Of course, they're usually encouraged to avoid "reinventing the wheel." That's fine, of course, but sometimes you need to do your own thing. Don't be afraid to do an experiment or try out a new idea no matter how far out it may seem.

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